I've been creating conlangs since 2008 It hasn't been a continuous hobby, but it is something I keep coming back to.

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Askeisk is a West Scandinavian language spoken on the fictional island of Askei, located roughly halfway between the Faroe Islands and the Shetland Islands.

Célis zisun

Célis zisun is one of the two dragon languages spoken in Greater Meitsung. It is primarily spoken in East and West Rhecaré.


Ciniáne or Ciniássyn is the language of the Ciniáne. Prior to the Cataclysm, it was the most-spoken and official language of Ciniáthyleruggeá, The God-Republic of Ciniá. In the present, it is spoken by most of the Ciniáne, an ethnic minority group of Tsurennupaiva.


Fèdzéyí is a verb-heavy, agglutinative, VSO language with few actual nouns. Most nouns are derived from a verb with one of the various class suffixes. Similarly, it has few adjectives; verbs are used in their place as descriptors.


Kitlinar is a language spoken on the eastern parts and islands of the land of Kitlin (called Qitin by the Qitiniina). It has been spoken in Kitlin since before recorded history. It is a language isolate and its origins are unknown, though the language was likely brought to Kitlin by its speakers, who are unrelated to the indigenous Qitiniina. Kitlinar has many loanwords and some grammatical influence from Qitiniasaaq, the language spoken by the Qitiniina.

There are two main dialects: eastern and western. Eastern dialects use retroflex consonants in place of the /rC/ consonant clusters used in the western dialects; this is seen in the pronunciation of the capital city Tyrsä: [ˈtə.ʂæ] vs. [ˈtər.sa]. These retroflex consonants did not exist in Kitlinar before it split into the two dialects.

Kiyuurasu kore

Kiyuurasu kore is the majority language spoken in the city-state of Kiyuura on the planet of Rumiyama. Due to the small number of speakers (~5,000,000) who are all clustered in one area (4000 square km), there are essentially no dialectal differences.

The standardized form of Kiyuurasu is commonly called sikakasur "book speech" or sikakore "book language". It is used in essentially all written documents.

Mayu lháni

Mayu lháni is the language spoken in the Meitsung Empire, originating among the tigers. It is the majority language of Arquhin and Símaqágu Provinces in East Meitsung.

Meitsung soré

Meitsung soré is the language spoken by the majority of the people in the Meitsung Empire (Meitsung Yuéng).


Rennukat is the majority language spoken in Tsurennupaiva. There is one major divergent dialect, Aven ferkat (“Aven dialect” or “Avenese”). Other dialects exist, but the majority of them are 99% mutually intelligible with each other, differing mostly in accent, vocabulary, and usual word order.


Qitiniasaaq is a language spoken on the western parts and islands of the land of Qitin (called Kitlin by the Kitlinar). It has been spoken in Qitin since before recorded history. It is a language isolate and its origins are unknown. It has provided many loanwords to Kitlinar. The Qitiniina are the main speakers of the language.


Sänirtäm is a personal language. It was made by me, for me, and I fully intend for it to only be used by me.

Zarya Heul

Zarya Heul is a language spoken in the homelands of the Zarya Tel people. These homelands comprise the entirety of the West Zarya Wa Province and the majority of East Zarya Wa Province in the Meitsung Empire, as well as some lands to the north and west of the Empire.