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I've been creating art since I could hold a pencil as a child. I've tried out quite a few different kinds of art though the decades, and it's always been something on my mind, even if it hasn't been my primary focus at the time.

My current focus is pixel art.

Acrylic Paintings

Latest acrylic painting: 30 June 2024

Acrylic is my favorite traditional medium to work with. I mainly like painting space scenes and clouds.

Digital Paintings & Illustrations

Latest digital piece: 16 July 2023

I've really only gotten into illustrations and paintings in the past couple of years. This is mainly what I focus on when I'm creating art.

Pixel Art

Latest pixel art: 23 June 2024

Pixel art is something I dabbled with through the years, but I only really started getting into it in late 2023.

Art Log

Latest update: 29 December 2023

A place for decent doodles and finished pieces that don't belong in the other categories.


Comics are a medium I've tried here and there over the years, but I've only produced one completed comic: Veitlen & Nymue.

Veitlen & Nymue (March 2018)


Latest update: 1 July 2023

I got into conlanging back in 2008, and have created literally dozens of conlangs over the years. Conlanging hasn't been a focus of mine for a while, unfortunately, but I still retain a large interest in it.

This one gets a page of its own due to how big it is.


Latest update: 12 July 2024 (Short Musings: On examining the beliefs you hold)

This is where all the stuff that isn't art, fiction, conlangs, reviews, or recommendations goes. That is to say...stuff about absolutely anything and everything. There isn't a lot here right now, but I assure you: there will be. I have lots of things to say and am actively attempting to exercise my nonfiction writing skills.

Internet-Related Things


Thoughts on Writing

Video Games


Latest update: 5 July 2024 (Some Thoughts On: Max Payne)

From time to time, I review things - predominantly video games.



Video Games