This is a short comic that was scripted and drawn from January to March 2018 and originally posted to Tumblr. It features characters from The Land of Two Moons and can be seen as a spiritual predecessor to that story. While it includes the same characters, it is not actually a prequel to The Land of Two Moons.

It's late afternoon at the edge of the forest. A dirt path leads to a small cabin, which backs up to the trees. The foliage surrounding the cabin is rather unkempt, and it hasn't been cut down for a while. Some windchimes hang from the roof.

Along the dirt path are some bushes. VEITLEN TYVOKALA stands up so that his head is visible over one of them.

VEITLEN: There's no one there!

NYMUE ROZENBARR, kneeling on the ground next to VEITLEN, grabs his sleeve and tries to yank him back down.

NYMUE: VEITLEN! Don't do that!

VEITLEN stands up to walk toward the cabin, NYMUE still holding on to his arm.

VEITLEN: NYM, we saw her leave. She probably won't be back for a while.


NYMUE stands up, her arms crossed. She doesn't look convinced.

NYMUE: But...all she did was go into the forest...

VEITLEN starts walkign toward the cabin, looking confident in himself. NYMUE is startled, and reaches out toward him.

VEITLEN: Then we'll just have to be quick!

VEITLEN opens the cabin door, looking curious. NYMUE stands behind him, still looking upset. Both are backlit by the sunlight.


VEITLEN walks into the cabin cautiously. Still standing in front of the doorway, NYMUE balls her hands into fists and squeezes her eyes shut.

NYMUE: Ugh! Fine!

NYMUE steps over the threshhold into the cabin. She opens her eyes and sighs.

NYMUE: That was...okay...

NYMUE starts looking around.

NYMUE: Maybe this will be completely okay.

NYMUE's gaze lands on a bleached human skull on a shelf. There is a pink flower in one eye socket.

NYMUE covers her mouth with her hand.

NYMUE: V-VEITLEN, there's a skull-

VEITLEN is sitting at the dining table. There is a book in his hands.

VEITLEN: A skull? Sounds normal.

VEITLEN turns his attention to the book.

VEITLEN: "An Introduction to Medicinal Herbs and Plants". This sounds promising.

NYMUE puts a hand on her hip and points to the skull.

NYMUE: A human skull! She has a human skull! It's probably from one of her victims.

VEITLEN: That doesn't matter! We'll be out of here before she comes back.

MORGAINE: Before who comes back?

MORGAINE, a woman with long, wavy black hair and a green robe, stands in the doorway with her hands on her hips.

MORGAINE: Well? Who is it that you were expecting to come back?


MORGAINE looks up to the side as if thinking for a moment, then strikes a pose.


NYMUE: W-we aren't here to cause any problems! Please let us go.


MORGAINE: Is that so? Then why is this young boy holding a book?

VEITLEN immediately brightens up.

VEITLEN: You can tell I'm a boy? Wow!


MORGAINE: I don't know why I wouldn't be able to. Now, could you please put that book down and tell me what you're doing?

VEITLEN: Oh...we were looking for...uh...

VEITLEN makes eye contact with MORGAINE.

VEITLEN: Since you're a witch, we thought you'd have some information that would let us...uh...change our bodies. You know, because we were born with the wrong ones.

MORGAINE: Ah. I understand.

MORGAINE smiles.

I'm the same as the two of you, though I didn't realize it until I was in my late teens. For you to to know at your age and realize there's something you can do about it is astounding to me.

NYMUE's eyes widen.

NYMUE:'re like me!? You can help us!?

MORGAINE: Usually I wouldn't be too pleased with some kids sneaking around my house. But you two aren't here to cause any trouble, so I'll give you the "spell" I personally prefer to keep my body this way.

VEITLEN: You will!?

NYMUE: Thank you so much, witch lady!

MORGAINE: Oh, it's my pleasure. If I can alleviate even the smallest amount of suffering, this action will be worthwhile.

A small time later, MORGAINE sits at the dining table, pointing to the page of a book. VEITLEN and NYMUE are crowded around her.

MORGAINE: Girl, you'll be able to use thsi spell without any changes. Boy - VEITLEN, was it? - I'll modify the spell so you'll be able to use it without issue.

VEITLEN and NYMUE leave the cabin, happily chattering to themselves. MORGAINE watches them leave, leaning against the front door and smiling. Something catches her eye, and she looks to the side.

MORGAINE: What's that? You'd like to keep an eye on them?

A glowing humanoid shape fizzles into existence. It makes a noise, telling MORGAINE something.

MORGAINE: Really? That's quite interesting.