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A pixel art depiction of a cyan spiral galaxy.

Spiral Galaxy - 23 June 2024

More space art. This one is very blue. I intended for it to have a similar palette to the last spiral galaxy I did, but then I made a new palette instead of using the previous one, for some reason.

This took 1 hour 20 minutes in Clip Studio Paint.

A pixel art butterfly with blue and pink/purple wings.

Butterfly - 26 May 2024

This is not at all what I set out to draw today, but I like it anyway. 45 minutes, Clip Studio Paint.

(I know butterflies actually have 6 legs, but it did not look good with 6).

A very blue pixel art rendition of the Eagle Nebula.

Eagle Nebula - 27 April 2024

Today's piece of pixel art is based on the Eagle Nebula. It was going to be pink and purple like the reference photo I used, but I've used pink and purple twice in space art, so I decided to go with blue instead.

This took 1 hour in Clip Studio Paint.

A pixel art depiction of a spiral galaxy.

Spiral Galaxy - 20 April 2024

Today's doodle. Yes, it's a doodle; it only took 30 minutes. Drawn in Clip Studio Paint as usual.

I tried to reference Messier 77 for this, but it ended up taking on a life of its own.

A pixel art piece of a campfire producing a lot of smoke on a lakeshore.

Ultra-Dramatic Campfire on the Lakeshore - 23 March 2024

I originally wanted to draw the Milky Way over a lake. Once I had all the base colors laid down, that wasn't what the piece looked like at all. It looked like - as the title says - a campfire producing a ton of smoke.

This took around 1.5 hours in Clip Studio Paint.

A pixel art piece of a bubbly pink and purple nebula.

Bubbly Nebula - 2 March 2024

This weekend's piece of pixel art is something simple since I'm recovering from a cold: a bubbly nebula. The actual "base" of a piece like this doesn't take too long: around 20 minutes, with each color on its own layer. Then I merge all the layers and spend the rest of the time is spent on details (stars and smaller "bubbles") and cleanup.

This took a little over an hour in Clip Studio Paint.

A pixel art piece of Cauldron Lake at night and Noir York City.

The Stars Over Your Cauldron - 24 February 2024

I had a couple of ideas for Alan Wake 2 fanarts, but I knew I wanted to incorporate both Bright Falls and the Dark Place was well as the triangles into them. I settled on "an hourglass showing the water from Cauldron lake turning into rain in the Dark Place" but that didn't quite look good - thus the lack of rain.

I didn't have good enough screenshots of the Oceanview Hotel and surrounding areas, so I improvised quite a lot of that section. I intended to put in streetlamps, but they were removed once I decided not to show the road. I did end up liking the sprite quite a bit, so I saved it in its own file:

A Dark Place streetlight.

Once Cauldron Lake and the Dark Place were done, I realized I had no idea what to do with the sides of the triangles. I considered drawing the Writer's Room and Mind Place, profile portraits of Alan and Saga, and manuscript pages. Eventually I decided on the very first manuscript page of Return (Saga's part), and some text from the first murder site of Initiation (Alan's part).

The title comes from Dark Ocean Summoning by Old Gods of Asgard (Poets of the Fall). This took a little over 8 hours in Clip Studio Paint.

A green and purple aurora over a lake. There are mountains in the background.

Aurora Over Lake - 15 February 2024

This started out as a solar eclipse seen from outside the Earth's atmosphere. That wasn't working, so I switched gears to something simpler: an aurora. Why isn't it reflected in the water? It's too high up! Also I couldn't figure out a good way to do the reflection.

This took around 1.5 hours in Clip Studio Paint.

A purple planet takes up most of the sky over the landscape of a purple moon.

Purple Planet - 11 February 2024

This is based on a digital painting I did back in 2012. The planet originally had rings, but I couldn't figure out a way to make it look good.

This took a little over 2 hours in Clip Studio Paint.

Pixel art of the band of the Milky Way, in pink and purple.

Pink & Purple Milky Way - 4 February 2024

Would you believe that this started as a sunset over the mountains? I thought the sky looked a little boring and added some stars. Then I added some hints of the Milky Way behind those stars. Then I realized it would be better to focus on the Milky Way itself.

This took a little over an hour in Clip Studio Paint.

A pixel art scene of large, fluffy cumulonimbus clouds over the prairie.

Cumulonimbus Clouds - 28 January 2024

I love drawing fluffy clouds. I was a little iffy at first at having three different shading styles in one piece, but it turned out fine, I think. This took 2.5 hours in Clip Studio Paint.

A pixel art scene of one large spiral galaxy, and three galaxies in the background.

Pixel Galaxies - 22 January 2024

I've been thinking about doing something like this for a while! The center galaxy went through multiple revisions. My initial idea was for something like the Sombrero Galaxy, but it wasn't working and I decided on on a face-on spiral instead. This took a little over an hour in Clip Studio Paint.

A pixel art scene of the Astral Plane from the video game Control.

Astral Plane - 13 January 2024

I've been wanting to draw the Astral Plane from Control for a while. I originally planned to use more colors, but decided on a light/dark contrast to keep it simpler. This took around 1.5 hours.

A pixel art scene of trees on a mountain overlooking a lake. It is sunset.

Lake Sunset - 1 January 2024

A quick pixel art scene. 100% inspired by the views around Cauldron Lake in Alan Wake 2.


After 13 years, I've gotten back into pixel art!

A pixel art scene of the moon behind clouds over a river in the forest.

Pixel Moonrise - 3 December 2023

Sort of a redo of an acrylic painting I did in 2019. This took about 1.5 hours.

A vibrant pixel art scene of clouds over the ocean at sunset.

Pixel Sunset - 24 November 2023

Trying out a new shading style here. This took about 1.75 hours.

Pixel art icons of the Sailor Senshi.

Sailor Moon Pixel Icons - 6 September 2023

Pixel icons of some of the Sailor Senshi. There were going to be a lot more characters on this, but I wanted to get it done and move on to other things.

A pixel art scene of two palm trees on a small desert island. Thre is a bottle in the sand.

Tropical Island - 12 August 2023

Some tropical art, based on an old lineart I drew in 2019. I always intended to color that lineart, and never got around to it until now.

A pixel art scene of some fluffy clouds in the sky.

Fluffy Clouds - 11 August 2023

There were a lot of fluffy clouds in the sky today, and I felt like emulating some of my old oekaki art. It took forever to figure out what I wanted to do with the background. Took ~1.5 hours.

A pixel art scene of an Arizona sunrise over the mountains.

Arizona Sunrise - 11 February 2023

Just felt like drawing a typical Arizona sunrise.


Unfortunately, I only have dates for one of these: the propellor hat cat (8 December 2008). The three animated icons here were done in GIMP, and the rose was drawn in MS Paint.

I'm pretty sure I drew those animated icons at 50x50 px so I could use them as deviantART icons.

An icon of a cat with a propellor hat, flying up into the sky.

An icon of the milky way galaxy. The stars are twinkling.

An icon of a leaping wolf. The background changes from morning to night and back again.

A pixel art rose in front of sand dunes.