Digital painting of trees on the side of a mountain in front of a starry sky with a pink and cyan nebula.

Fuchsia/Cyan Nebula - 16 July 2023

You may recognize this as the background image on this website. I originally wanted to do something vaporwave-inspired, but it wasn't working. I kept the colors and "redid" one of my old acrylic paintings instead.

A digital painting of a blue landscape with mountains. There is a moon in the sky and a shooting star.

Mountain Moon - 25 April 2020

I had no idea what to name this. There was originally going to be an aurora and a person standing on the foreground mountain, but I decided against it when laying down flat colors. It just didn't look good.

A blue-and-green digital painting. There is as tree in the foreground and a mountain and the sea in the background. In the sky, there are two suns.

Overlooking the Sea - 18 April 2020

This was an attempt at making a print-sized illustration. I thought the single sun looked boring, so added another.


A tree on a mountaintop above the clouds.

Above the Clouds - 25 August 2019

This piece took around 5-6 hours, but I worked on it on-and-off for about two weeks. I also colored the lineart in some areas - the lighter ones - which is something I don't typically do. Then again, I don't usually have lineart in my digital paintings.

A digital painting of a pond in the forest. There are a few trees in the foreground and a duck in the water.

Forest Pond - 30 June 2019

Back in January, I started a sketch. I then forgot about it. In late May, I started experimenting with a new painting style, which was done all on a single layer. There were a couple of smaller grayscale pieces before I decided to use color with this one.

A woman kneels on a clifftop above the clouds. She is holding a sword.

Mountain Overlook - 01 September 2018

This took about 4 hours in Clip Studio Paint. It was also the first thing I ever posted to Pillowfort.

A digital art scene of a pink weeping willow. It is reflected in the water below.

Weeping Willow - 24 December 2017

One of my first real attempts at illustrating a nature scene.