Who is this person?

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On the internet, my name is Lee Lacaille-Xing. I'm a perpetually-tired writer, artist, and lapsed conlanger. I read a lot of short stories and play video games, and I'm heavily influenced by Buddhism and anarchism.

Other names I use online are zhi-long and selenicseas. If you see a selenicseas somewhere on the Internet, it's probably me.

What can you find on this website?

This website is a repository of my work, primarily blog posts that were first posted on Wordpress.

How often is this website updated?

I make updates throughout the month. All these updates are catalogued in the "News and Updates" section on the Home page.

Why "Selenic Seas"?

It's just a username I've been using for a few years.

Where else can you find me on the internet?

If you seee a selenicseas elsewhere, it's probably me. Other usernames I've used over the years are JayArgall and kaede-kit.

✦ Dreamwidth: selenicseas. This is my new place for long-form blogging - previously, I used Wordpress. I post reviews, recommendations, monthly summaries of my creative work, and nonfiction posts on various topics. Some of it gets archived here.

✦ Mastodon: selenicseas@mastodon.online. This is mostly a place for me to post links to my work on other websites, like Dreamwidth. I also post my artwork there.

✦ Pillowfort: zhi-long. This is my main social media site. I'm much more casual here than I am on other platforms.

Some background...

I learned to code on Neopets as a preteen. It started with petpages. Then I made user layouts and shop layouts. Eventually I moved on to coding websites on Freewebs. I learned HTML, CSS, and even a little bit of Javascript. Then I moved to Wordpress when I started blogging regularly, though I did make an attempt at creating another website a few years later on Github. You can read about that journey here.

That didn't pan out, and it wasn't until 2022 that I learned about Neocities. In early 2023 I began feeling the itch to code another website, and here I am, happy to have a place I can customize in almost every conceivable way. You don't get that kind of freedom with blogs or social media.

This website is coded with Notepad++ and hosted by Neocities.

hosted by Neocities